• Primary Peoples, Colors and Shapes: Recent Work by Joe Lewis

    August 19 – September 26, 1993 A lot of people have problems with art that has political content because it makes them look at themselves, and that’s the thing that makes them upset. It makes them think about things that they’d rather forget,  or shows them that they aren’t really who they say they are. […]

  • Tantalizing Quilts Woven with Poetic, Political Messages

    By Melissa Stern Pavel Zoubok gallery is currently hosting an intriguing show entitled Piecework. Riffing on the traditional women’s work of piecing fabric together, the five artists in this exhibition have produced quilt-like works that belie the traditional definition of the genre. Using a wide variety of approaches, though mostly sticking to a rectilinear format, […]

  • Mutant Monkey Business

    The Phatory is pleased to announce a new installation in the gallery’s window by Joe Lewis entitled Mutant Monkey Business which will be on view starting Sunday, May 1st, through Friday, May 22nd. All are welcome to the unveiling, Sunday, May 1st, from 5 -7:00. As “an advanced critique of Capitolism [sic]” Lewis recalls: The […]

  • ‘Pump Up The Volume!’ Exhibit

    “Pump Up The Volume!”, a free exhibit in Sac State’s Robert Else Gallery, interprets the world and music of hip-hop through art. The artists, Jane Dickson and Joe Lewis, know their subject: They were in the South Bronx when hip-hop was born in the 1970s and have watched it grow into a worldwide phenomenon from […]