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  • Ferrocarril Subterraneo No Nada Galeria

    Reviewed by Lani Asher December 2, 2019 Joe Lewis’s show at No Nada Galeria, “Ferrocarril Subterraneo,” links the storied Underground Railroad to the contemporary journey of refugees fleeing violence today in the Americas. Woodcuts of slave ships and their human cargo from the 1800s show the brutal Middle Passage, a touchstone for many African-American artists. […]

  • Artist Joe Lewis draws parallels between the Underground Railroad and today’s migrant trafficking

    February 5th, 2020 New exhibit ‘Forced Exodus: Coded Messages From the Underground Railroad’ currently at the Mesa College Art Gallery When Joe Lewis came across a story last summer about giant X-rays scanning vehicles at the border to detect migrants, he found the images disturbing. They brought to mind engravings of slaves in the holds […]