NYC Fashion Moda

Fashion Moda

In fact, one of the things we used to say about Fashion Moda was “We Are Magic.”
“About the same time Fashion Moda landed on 148th and 3rd Avenue I was artist in residence at the Berg Chemical Company on East 132nd Street. I joined Stefan shortly after Fashion Moda opened, but was deeply involved in the conversations that set the philosophical tone for the space. I wanted to create a space that brought together different types of people that wouldn’t come together under normal circumstances. I believed when you brought different people who would not normally mix together, their opinions about themselves and the worlds around them would change. “I also wanted to create new opportunities for trained and untrained artists, as well as question who can make art. Fashion Moda became, inadvertently, part of the fundamental underpinnings of what we call today, “Public Practice,” a distant cousin and offshoot of Relational Aesthetics.”
“Fashion Moda significantly changed the lives of many people in its community, and the trajectory of many of their families forever. A number of the Graffiti artists bought homes for their parents. Others have children growing up in entirely different environments than they did due to their art making. That’s what art can do. It can change people’s lives. And that’s what I have always been in it for.