Public Art

World Trade Center Memorial Proposal, in collaboration with Takashi Kamiya, 2002, (unbuilt)

Reflection, Transparency Luminescence, and Legacy are the overarching concepts of The World Trade Center Bell Tower Memorial Project. The proposal builds upon motifs articulated by the Libeskind plan, reflective elements related to Fritz Koenig’s Sphere, and maintains the initial architectural integrity of the existing site.

The WTC Bell Tower Memorial is divided into seven parts. Each element is symbolically related by geometry, theory, and view. Materials chosen will enhance the conceptual underpinnings of the project by focusing on luminescence, nature, strength, transparency, and warmth.

Rescuer’s Gater:

Defined by and dedicated to the Fire, Police, and Emergency Service heroes. Located at the bottom of the main escalators, it frames the Bell Tower, Family Meditation Center, and Tomb of the Unidentified. The Rescuer’s Gate also has sight lines to Footprints and is conceptually connected to them via a smaller metal ball (that fits neatly into space within the split spheres) held in magnetic suspension.

The Bell Tower Complex:

The Bell Tower is approximately 130 feet tall. It is a broad, sweeping, and uplifting form whose Transparency is its touchstone. The open structure symbolized a way to look into the future and the past. The Bells will ring every Tuesday and Friday (times listed below) as an ongoing reminder of the tragic events of 9/11/01 and 2/26/93 respectively The Bell Tower and its anchoring platform have a significant role as a site for future Remembrances.

Tuesday Ringing Schedule:

8:45 am North Tower hit by American Airlines Flight 11 and collapse at 10:00 am

9:03 am South Tower hit by United Airlines Fight 175 and collapses at 9:59 am

9:38 am The Pentagon is hit by American Airlines Flight 77

10:03 am United Airlines Flight 93 crashes in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Friday Ringing Schedule:

Bomb detonates on B-2 level of World Trade Center at 12:15 pm

Family Mediation Center:

Incorporated into the base structure of the Bell Tower, the Mediation Center is a removed private space lit by reflective daylight. With easy access to sight lines of each footprint, this space will house a multimedia information center which might include a plasma screen wall for video portraits of the deceased and other personal information that families want in the memorial.

Tomb of the Unidentified:

Also incorporated into the based of the Bell Tower and adjacent to the Family Mediation Center, is a removed private space lit by filtered and reflected light with easy access to commanding views of the footprints.

Naming Perimeter:

The names of all victims of 9/11 and 2/26 are engraved into clear glass panels and installed to create a conceptual boundary line around the perimeter of the site where family, friends, and the general public can simultaneously view the names of the deceased and see the Bell Tower Memorial Plaza.

North and South Tower Footprints:

Two Luminescent pads that reflect light during the day and glow at night. Identical split hollow metal spheres on short pedestals located at the center of the footprints with bench seating along the perimeter for meditation and reflection.